The Power of Three Massage

60 mins = $65.00, 90 mins = 90.00

Using a combination of all our learned massage techniques. This experience creates a blissful relaxation within in the entire body allowing the Essential Oils to purify the skin.

Thai Reflexology

60 mins = $35.00

The use of hot towels and Aromatherapy to soak and nourish one’s feet. Using a traditional Thai point-work systems along the foot to release any stagnation from various locations found on the foot.


60 mins = $65.00, 90 mins = $90.00

Massage with stripping and holding points on the body’s meridians to clear blockages, release tension and relax body, mind and spirit.

Hot Stone Massage

60 mins = $80.00, 90 mins $110.00

One of the most relaxing and nourishing treatments. The use of Basalt Stones to treat sore and tired muscles, reducing inflammation and tension within the body.

Reiki Massage

60 mins = $65.00, 90 mins = $90.00

A simple, safe method of Energy Healing. This treatment works well for a client who has contraindication for other kinds of massage. Reiki also compliments any other modality of massage.

Relaxation Massage

60 mins = $65.00, 90 mins = $90.00

A great way to unwind and allow your body to heal. With soothing music, hot towels and essential oils, allow your body to melt into the table with this Swedish Style massage.


60 mins = $65.00, 90 mins = $90.00

Meaning “finger pressure” which allows for a soft or deep pressure massage using the traditional Japanese routine as guidelines within the body. Improving organ function and muscle tension. Can be performed on a table, chair or floor depending on client’s needs.

Thai Massage / Thai Stretch

60 mins = $65.00, 90 mins = $90.00

A unique massage, allowing a practitioner to gently manipulate the client into a series of positions that passively stretches the body and loosen tight muscles. Usually performed on a mat.

Tok Sen

60 mins = $65.00, 90 mins = $90.00

This technique is used with a mallet and wedge constructed from a Tamarind Tree. Producing a healing vibration that resonates in the body, clearing blockages hiding deep within the muscles.

Deep Tissue Massage

60 mins = $65.00, 90 mins = $90.00

Deep tissue massage takes Swedish massage one step further to address chronic pain and injury. This soothing, therapeutic treatment releases toxins, tension and pain.
A favourite amongst athletes and the people who treat them, deep tissue massage helps release resistant knots to create a better range of motion for joints and muscles.