Chakra Alignment

30 mins = $35.00, 60 mins = $65.00 (special group rates may apply)

The use of 7 specialized crystal hearts, and colored flags placed over their corresponding chakras on top of the client’s body. With a guided meditation along with energy medicine clearing blockages.

Guided Meditation

35 mins = $35.00,  65 mins = $65.00 (special group rates may apply)

A variety of different of avenues to explore within the realm and healing of the mind. Can be held in a group or solitary. Meditation pairs well with body work.

Past Life Journey

60 mins = $95.00, 120 mins = $140.00

Travelling back to an aspect of one’s life (past or present) where some trauma or unresolved business may have been experienced. Allowing the client to move forward and let go of the past.

Power Animal Retrieval

60 mins = $80.00, 90 mins = $110.00

Connecting with one’s own inner strengths and talents. The use of this meditative practice is to allow any shape shifters, guides and animals to come through the portal to make contact.

Shamanic Style Drumming

60 mins = $80.00 (special group rates may apply)

Can be enjoyed in a group or solitary practice. Calling in the ancestors and spirits and allowing the sound therapy and vibration of the drum shake off any stagnant or negative energy.

Tarot Card Readings

Basic = $25.00,  Expansive = $65.00

An ancient way of obtaining insight on one’s own horoscope. Allowing the communication to flow between practitioner and recipient, creating a safe space for an exchange of ideas.